Ghérasim Luca, le poète de la voix : ontologie et érotisme (Approches littéraires) (French Edition)

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  4. Bucharest, Capital of Automatism: The 1940s Surrealist Group

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Bucharest, Capital of Automatism: The s Surrealist Group

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L’Art du week-end

PDF J. PDF Jack et les alligators Download. PDF L'essentiel des points de crochet ePub. Camille Morando and Sylvie Patry. Paris: Centre Pompidou, Institut national d'histoire de l'art, Carlat, Dominique. Paris: Corti, Les Essais. Duplessis, Yvonne. Eburne, Jonathan. Fauchereau, Serge. Gherasim Luca.

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The Passive Vampire. Krzysztof Fijalkowski. Prague: Twisted Spoon P, Le Vampire passif. Gherasim Luca, et al. Facsim rpt. Gherasim Luca and Trost. London: Pluto P, Paris: Harmattan, Lecherbonnier, Bernard. Paris: Publisud, La Conspiration du silence. Les Esprits animaux. As Paul Paon Zaharia. Pop, Ion, ed. Since its creation in , 40mcube has been setting up projects in the public space. Victor Vialles designed the signage for the site and Samir Mougas the graphic identity of the workshop.

The latter also presents a series of three sculptures that confront an industrial aesthetic and an invasive nature. Laurent Duthion is planting an orchard of polygrafted trees. Cyril Zarcone presents Helicoidal Flight, which reproduces in wood a flight of stairs usually prefabricated in concrete. Pascal Rivet uses this space as an observatory for a work that has been put to the test of time and weather: a wooden replica of a lost and abandoned CIT truck under a tree…. Inaugurated in June , the Rack is a redesigned storage device that is similar to a storage medium transposed to the scale of public space, furniture for the presentation of works of art, a collection of outdoor sculptures that is gradually being built up.

From 6 metres high by 12 metres long and 2 metres wide, Le Rack makes it possible to bring together works on three levels, to create a collective exhibition built in height, a composition playing with contrasts between figurative and unbridled or sober and minimal aesthetics. Since , 40mcube has been inviting artists to create works to be presented on Le Rack, composing a constantly evolving collective sculpture.

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The Rack thus offers a permanent exhibition open to all day and night, 7 days a week. For its fifteenth exhibition La Tannerie proposes to pause in the incessant flow of information that our modern societies produce, to counterbalance the often contradictory injunctions of which we are the spectators or the targets. SIECLE invites us to slow down, to re-tame a rhythm or a pulse that would be proper to us, to take the time, to find it, to re-appreciate its particular flavor, to reclaim it, excluding the notions of precipitation, imperative or urgent.

SIECLE highlights contemporary artists whose duration is the issue and the main material of their research: temporality of the gaze, temporality of the matter, or organic temporality of the artist. Our exhibition reveals a tiny part of the creative excitement they display when they question chronology, periodicity, sequencing, permanence, rhythm or even erosion. If all the works presented here are de facto resulting from a process testifying to an anteriority, the exhibition will move away from the strict field of the memory, to open it to the concept of dynamics, whose time and the duration are by essence the phenomenon.

Whether painting, questioning the look time and how the eye constructs or deconstructs perception when faced with a pictorial object, whether it is monochrome when time alters the density color and is a game and an aesthetic challenge, or that it is music whose sound material is absent, or on the contrary expands in proportions still unheard of, or even sculpture whose time is a building material in itself, each work presented here shows the many concerns that artists of our time are seizing.

It is amazing to see how much this issue is going through creation today. How artists seize them and open fields of experimentation and new perspectives.

Bucharest, Capital of Automatism: The 1940s Surrealist Group

The exhibition is a snapshot, a non-exhaustive proposition of the paths that artists take or take to make this notion their first concern. To the finished object, completed, inert and often presented as an end in the exhibition, SIECLE opposes here works that testify more about the process and the path. With the exception of a few pieces, the works no longer belong to the register of completion but to that of the testimony, the reflection phase, a stage, or a process.

The status of the work is thus modified. Here the exhibition is no longer the seat of sanctuary works, but becomes a laboratory in which they are always built, modified, prolonged or altered in time. SIECLE attempts a synthesis between the workshop and the exhibition by highlighting works that reject the dichotomy between elaboration time and observation time, and that open a perspective in which each finds its own beat and generates a time that frees him from the gesture that conceived him.

We therefore invite you, no doubt, less to observe them, than to discover, to unify and to harmonize a rhythm that would be comon to all of you. It questions the notions of proofreading, reinterpreting founding texts whose DNA is to be perpetually transformed, renewed and commented. Coming from the live show, this artist redraws the limits of the scenic representation and staging stakes. For several years, he has been committed to systematically deconstructing the modus operandi of theatrical performances, and founding texts, using a simple and radical protocol: the alphabet.

He reorganizes in alphabetical order all the words of a written work. Although simple in its process, this gesture questions the time, the support and how they condition the reading of a work. It is therefore in the form of impressions, installations, performances, or videos that Franck Mas tirelessly explores this protocol with infinite aims.

Pietro Seminelli, curator accomplice, illuminates the exhibition that is dedicated to the work of Franck Mas this spring at La Tannerie. Brigitte Bauer et Emmanuelle Blanc , Ce que nous sommes. These artists and their individual projects attest to the volume of these voices, images, banners, objects and artworks as they amass and become part of a public discussion. This is a story about a man who spends his life standing at the gates of the law awaiting permission to enter.

The old selfish minds must go. Obstructive reactionaries must move on. The young are at the gates! It is a discipline that is constantly being re-invented. Created for and by a given society, design is the reflection of current and often futuristic trends. Stopovers in Brittany deals with contemporary design challenges related to the Breton territory.

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  4. Indeed, Brittany is also well-known for its creative strength and entrepreneurial spirit in the field of innovation, and particularly in the design sectors, materials and trades. Taking the shape of islands, several stopovers divide the space into five main sections: social design, industrial design, design related to craftsmanship, eco-design, among which the maritime dimension is more particularly highlighted, with reference to the Armorican peninsularity. A new opportunity to bring together heritage and contemporary creation.

    The exhibition shows their respective work and an articulation of their works created simultaneously and side by side over the past seven months.

    Il poeta Ghérasim Luca legge "Passionnément"

    At the end of this working time, they propose Suave Sueur , an exhibition showing their respective work and an articulation of their works created simultaneously and side by side during the last seven months. Energy, sensuality, generosity, technicality are all different ways to approach sculpture.

    Morgan Azaroff was stressed, but for this exhibition at the HubHug , he feels better. Louise Mervelet focuses on the field of pop culture. Artists Flora Moscovici and Yoan Sorin are known for their respective work. Since , they also work together as a duo, under the name of Mobilier Peint, creating installations that combine painting and sculpture.

    They also realize performances, in connection with everyday places and objects, in a familiar relationship with art that gives rise to intuitive practice that is like a conversation taking on a plastic and pictorial form. Their exhibition at 40mcube is designed as a specific space for their new works created for the occasion.

    At the crossroads of their two artistic practices, Flora Moscovici and Yoan Sorin seize furniture and objects that they paint, transform, dismantle and reassemble. Thus, based on these borrowed objects and an arbitrary and limited choice of colours, they explore the place of painting in the art history and its relationship with the medium on which it takes place. As an extension of this link with the object, Flora Moscovici and Yoan Sorin consider the exhibition space as a domestic space and the exhibition work itself in terms of its layout.