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It's an amazing plant that can turn the tide for you in the Pirate Seas. Try putting attack plants instead of Sunflowers in the very back. If things go awry, you'd rather have something that can defend itself when a zombie breaks through to the last column. And if the zombies do get that far, Sunflowers are much cheaper to replace than most plants.

Don't give up if you're stuck on a level and out of coins! If you're clever, every level and every star is winnable without spending coins.

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Make good use of the zombie preview to make sure you have what you need to go against the kinds of zombies you'll be facing. Plant Food on Wall-Nut makes him last a very, very long time — great for when you're full on Plant Food and looking to spend one. Late in the level when your board is mostly full of plants, don't be afraid to shovel up sunflowers and replace them with attack plants.

Search results for "bonk choy plants vs zombies"

Sun doesn't do you any good if you can't spend it. Plant expensive plants like Pea Pod and Coconut Cannon on mine carts to get the most out of them.

How to Draw Plants vs Zombies - Bonk Choy

Go for the Sun Boost in Ancient Egypt once you get enough keys! Hero Plants. Player's House. Ancient Egypt. Pirate Seas. Wild West. Frostbite Caves. Lost City.

Plants vs Zombies Plush Toy 15 cm Bonk Choi Stuffed Plush 6

Far Future. Dark Ages. Neon Mixtape Tour. Jurassic Marsh. Big Wave Beach.


Modern Day. Kongfu World. Sky City.

Bonk Choy | Plants vs. Zombies Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Steam Ages. Renaissance Age.

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